Mr Balding
Strange hill high sleep
Some attributes
First immortal or really old
Second Unknown
Third Hero
Other attributes
Fourth 99 Cool Things to Do with a Time Machine
Fifth Lucky Becky
Sixth The Most Boring Book in the World

Mr Balding is a Teacher at Strange Hill High

Mr Balding is exaggeratedly slow, old, and dull, becoming one of the first targets of Mitchell's control over the time traveling clock tower to skip his boring lectures. It appears that he has experienced several supernatural and horrifying experiences (such as the Lucky bunny incident), but he either ignores them or finds the more plain events (such as the taxing of wheat) to be more interesting.
He apparently led gym class at Strange Hill for a time before Mr. Creeper appeared in Season 2. During these periods, Mitchell frequently tricked him into doing situps, during which he'd quickly fall asleep.


Mr Balding has appeared in the pictures on the wall in Roman Times and the 1800s. He wrote about Strange Hill but it was so boring it made a borehole. Mr Balding was also confirmed to be Santa Clause, and has a bird called rudodolph that pulls his sleigh. This explains Mr. Baldings immortality.


He doesn't have many ablities but he sleeps in his classroom. He also will have attributes associated with Santa Clause.