Mr. Garden is the English teacher at Strange Hill High. In 'Mr. Parden?' Becky has a crash through him. In 'Theacher Hill's School of the High" He is the headmaster dismissig Mr. Balding, Mr. Abacrombie and Miss Grakle. In ' Ghost Templeton Pluses The Ghost' He says " Templeton oh, Becky help me!". In 'The Templeton Bullies' He has a quote ("G.H.O.S.T? The May will mean 'The Mock' if that?) In 'Ghostmare' Mr. Garden and Mr. Creeper welcome a new teacher named "Mr. Younding" until he is sent. His final appearnce was the final episode of the 9th Season 'Mr. Garden's English'. He is voiced by Brien Fathey.