King Mitchell
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First 8 May 2013
Second 101
Third Unknown
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King Mitchell is the 1st episode of Series 1


A freak event at Strange Hill High: Mitchell has done his woodwork homework! Unfortunately the fruits of his labour don't last long. Tyson snatches Mitchell's wooden skateboard, goes flying and cracks his thick head against the wall of the toilet block.                                                                                        

The wall crumbles and reveals...a long forgotten secret chamber, containing a gigantic toilet and ancient artifacts. Behind dusty cobwebs, Mitchell finds a magnificent round oak table, which he thinks will replace his broken skateboard. What he doesn't know is that this is a mythical table, and by laying claim to it he's unintentionally declared himself "King Mitchell" and unleashed Sir Bogivere, the Guardian of the Foul Latrine, from his ancient slumber.                                                                                        

Seeing an armed knight, Mitchell legs it. But Sir Bogivere is not interested in taking vengeance. Instead he goes down on one knee and declares loyalty to "King Mitchell". Mitchell, naturally, exploits this like mad. His weird requests worry the noble knight, who is neglecting his primary duty of protecting the world from the foul pit of eternal evil (the toilet).                                                                                        

When Becky lets slip that Mitchell isn't a real king but just a schoolboy, Bogivere challenges Mitchell to a duel to restore his honour, and to rescue Becky from becoming Bogivere's eternal companion. Swords are so 12th century, so it's scissors, paper, stone to the death...or at least to something a bit nasty.                                                                                        

While Mitchell and Bogivere battle, the ancient toilet evil attempts to break out of its festering prison. It looks like the world is doomed when Bogivere is snatched by the disgusting tentacles but Mitchell reaches for "Excalibur", the toilet cleaner of destiny. Only a true King can release the powerful weapon from its bed of dried-on muck!                                                                                        

When Mitchell frees Excalibur he demonstrates his true royal status. The evil is vanquished, Becky is free, and Sir Bogivere returns to his post as guardian ("I'm very antisocial, I hate being about people") while Mitchell returns the round table to its rightful place and reseals the secret chamber.                                                                                        








He who cannot be flushed (some sort of octopus; Also known as "The accumulation of 1000 years of foulness and the occasional peanut")








Hidden Chamber