Ian Gatlurn

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Ian Gatlurn is a character on Strange Hill High who appeared in the episode The 101% Solution. He is the first person to ever get 101% on an assignment.

He was a student at Strange Hill High who got perfect scores on all his assignments and went missing in the 1950's after getting a 101% on the toughest Maths assignment. It was stated by Murdoch that Ian went missing after the G Men took him. Mitchell copied his answers from the toughest Maths assignment to pass his Maths class only to break Maths.

During the run from the G Man, Mitchell and Becky discovered that Ian had froze himself in the school's kitchen freezer in an attempt to go to the future. Mitchell attempted to unfreeze Ian resulting in decapitating his head off and finding out that he had gone slightly loopy due to the combination of the cook defrosting and refreezing him a few years back mistaking him for a Christmas ham and that the instructions stated that he should be defrosted before the year 2003. At the end of the episode, his still-talking head was used to the flavor the stew by the cook.

Ian has seen better days

Ian's Decapitated Head