Crushing Embarassment
Season 2, Episode 6
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Air date 03/06/14
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Crushing Embarassment was the sixth episode of season 2 of Strange Hill High.


Various students in the school start vanishing through the floor after having pranks pulled on them by Mitchell.

The main storyEdit

Warning: There are spoilers ahead!

The story starts with Mitchell arriving at strange hill high early, surprising Murdoch. He suspects that Mitchell will be planning some pranks about the place, and tries to trick him by claiming that 'giant caterpillars have been seen roaming around the school'. Mitchell thinks it's true, until Murdoch shouts 'April fools!'. It did happen, but it was a week prior to this episode. Mitchell enters the school grounds, and places a note on Murdoch's back, saying 'I love cats.'

There's a voiceover explaining why Mitchell likes April Fool's day, whilst he starts arranging items for pranks, like placing a whoopee cushion on Abercrombie's chair, pouring spaghetti on a student's chair, and by changing the signs around on the toilets. Unfortunately for him, Abercrombie catches him in the act.

He's seated in the office, whilst Abercrombie tells him about another boy who loved pranks, by the name of Michael Embarrassment, also known as Mickey.

Minutes later, Mitchell sees the first victim of one of his pranks. Bishop ends up sitting on the spaghetti, whilst everyone in the classroom laughs at him, even his peers. He ends up getting dragged under the floorboards.

Mitchell meets up with Becky next to their lockers, and talk about his pranks. They notice that Templeton is in his pj's, which was only to get him enough respect at sci-fi club. When Becky opens her locker, an umbrella with a scary face pops out, causing her glasses to get chipped. Mitchell accidentally breaks her glasses, which Becky gets super worried about.

Becky has an optical test, of which she fails, because her chair is facing the wrong way. She gets given an ugly pair of glasses by Ms. Grimshaw. Knowing that she could be the laughing stock in her next class, she leaves them in her pocket, and bumps into everything on her way to her next class. Because of this, Samia is left with a sculpture of Winston Churchill on her head, embarrassing her. She becomes the next victim to be dragged under the floorboards.

Becky makes it to class just in time. A few moments later, Mr Gardens enters the class to teach the students. He writes a word on the board, and asks Becky what it means. In order to see it, she has to wear her new glasses, and once she does, nearly everybody in the class laughs. When Mr Gardens turns around, he starts snickering, before he runs out of the classroom laughing. Mitchell tries to get everybody to stop laughing, but to no avail. Becky gets dragged under the floorboards, and the students gasp. Mitchell doesn't notice, because Becky was behind him.

Templeton and Mitchell try to think of a way to explain this, but they can't think of anything. They're about to continue their investigation, when Mitchell notices Matthews entering the girl's toilets by mistake. They both watch on as Matthews opens a cubicle door, to find Croydonia inside. The two shriek in surprise, before Croydonia is dragged under the floor. Tyson laughs at Matthews, before he disappears under the floor as well. He walks to the middle of the toilets, when Stephanie sees him, and sprays perfume over him, causing him to sneeze over her. She then disappears, Tyson accidentally says 'Snot my fault!' and because of it, he gets embarrassed, before he disappears as well. A pair of hands then appear from the spot he was standing on, and states that Mitchell is the next target.

They sprint to Mr Balding's class, where he tells them that he has been given the task to teach them a special lesson about making babies. He starts to explain, but he starts sweating buckets, and before he can continue, Mitchell asks whether it'll be about kissing. Mr Balding becomes embarrassed, before he shares the same fate as the other students.

Mitchell figures out that people disappear because they are embarrassed. He wants to follow the students, but in order to do so, he must embarrass somebody. Sadly for him, the only people left are him and Templeton. He decides to try and embarrass him, but Templeton is convinced that he isn't easily embarrassed. He then gets a fact wrong from one of his favorite tv series, and becomes embarrassed. The giant pair of hands pop out from the ground again. They grab Templeton, who in turn tells Mitchell to grab his hand.

To be continues...