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First 40s
Second Unknown
Third Villain/Hero
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Fourth King Mitchell
Fifth Lucky Becky
Sixth Teacher's Pet

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Abercrombie is a Headmaster who serves as the main antagonist of Strange Hill High. He is a target of Mitchell's pranks and would do anything to put him in detention. He has an unrequited crush on The Librarian.


Abercrombie has a hatred for Mitchell and has been transformed to a hybrid of frog/human in Teacher's Pets.

In Innercrombie, his first name is revealed to be Melvyn.


Abercrombie can boss around the teachers and make them do what he wants. He dislikes Mitchell Tanner and will do almost anything to get him into trouble, suspended or even expelled. In one episode, Abercrombie had to give up his crown to Mitchell and name him headmaster to save the school from being smashed by a giant, burning satilite.